Merchandise Description

SC Transmission Single Phase WPA Collection Worm Gearbox WPA 

Merchandise Description

Introductions of WP Series Worm Gearbox

WP Worm gearbox is produced on the basis of WD Worm gearbox for electrical motor.

The worm is made of forty five# high-top quality metal by heat remedy. The worm wheel is manufactured of tin bronze. The put on resistance is great, especially in the bearing capacity. This kind gearbox is mostly utilised for the reduction transmission of various mechanical equipments such as plastics, metallurgy, drinks, mining, lifting and transportation, and chemical development.

For market programs that desire dependable speed reduction at a substantial energy effectiveness, worm gearbox for electric powered motor provide a ideal solution. We carry worm gearbox for electrical motor goods in double reduction, one reduction and worm-helical varieties for flexible performance, very good efficiency.


one,Modest equipment shape, light-weight bodyweight, with out the use of shaft coupling, chain, sprockets and other transmission areas.
two,The place is small, the input shaft is mounted straight to the equipment facet, can efficiently preserve room.
three,Lower expense. Owing to the direct installation, without transmission areas, assembly time can be decreased, in common, can minimize the value of.
4,Simple set up, stable procedure, prolonged service existence, high carrying ability. Due to the fact of direct docking and motor set up, can totally avoid contact transmission areas, does not require a security include which can guarantee the protection.

Application Scope

WP equipment reducer sequence are commonly employed in food, leather-based, glass, ceramics, metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, building, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other products
Manufacture for WP worm gearbox solitary worm gearbox, double worm gearbox, universal worm gearbox. And JCPT jack reducer.

Product Parameters

Relevant JCPT:  Producing Plant, Food & Beverage Manufacturing facility, Energy & Mining
Gearing Arrangement:                                               Worm       
Output Torque:  a hundred and seventy-291
Enter Pace:  1500 rpm (according to motor)     
Output Pace: 25 -three hundred
Spot of JCPT:                               China   
Housing Materials:                                              Die-solid iron
Warmth treatment:                                 Carburizing & Quenching               


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Single Stage Wpa Series Worm Gearbox Wpa